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Good Morning Status

Good Morning Status in Urdu

Good Morning Status
Good Morning Status

Good Morning Status

Good Morning Status in Urdu :

Assalamo Alaikum

Ya Allah Hamare Naseeb Men Wo Ataa Ker Jo Hamare Liye Behtari Ka Baais Ho Aur Hamen Her Azmaish Se Mahfuz Farma Aameen

Subha Bakhair Zindagi


Heart Touching

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Dunya Ki Mohtaji :

Dunya Men Kisi Bhi Hawale Se Kisi Ki Bhi Mohtaji Badtareen Aziyyat Hoti Hai Allah Taala Se Dua Karni Chahye Ke Apne Siwa Kisi Ka Mohtaj Na Kare Aameen


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Maal o Daulat Men Barkat Ka Wazifa :

Rozana Subha nSuraj Nikalne Se Pehle 11 Dafa Durood Shareef Parhen Phir 100 Martaba Ye Dua Parhen


Good Morning Status

good morning
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Mere Nabi ﷺ Ne Farmaya :

Giyara Mahine Jannat Sajai Jati Hai Aur Phir Ramazan Men Allah Taala Apne Bandon Kelye Jannat Ke Darwaze Khol Deta Hai


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Mohabbat-e-Rasool :

Ebadaten Wahan Nahen Le Jati Jahan Huzoor Nabi Kareem Ki Mohabbat Le Jati Hai


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Tauba Karo

Insan Ke Gunah :

Jab Tum Sukoon Ki Kami Mahsoos Karo To Tauba Karo Kyunke Insan Ke Gunah Issey Bechain Rakhtey Hain


Good Morning Status

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Allah Ki Qudrat :

Anday Ki Safedi Aur Zardi Dono Chilke Kew Andar Hain Lekin Aapas Men Milte Nahen Ye Murghi Ki Karigari Ya Insan Ka Kamal Nahen Ye Sirf Allah Wahdahu Lashareek Ki Qudrat Hai


A Surprisingly beneficial development

Surprisingly beneficial development is something which glances terrible in the beginning yet winds up to be valuable in the end. As an occasion if a rich man makes huge misfortunes in his organization and must go out, vehicle and each other agreeable and extravagance things he had previously possessed.

This situation transformed him into an awful man however gradually the person realizes his errors done in organization and that he thinks of a pristine thought that pulls in more money than prior in his association and he changes into a bigger home with bigger focuses.

This situation at first may seem hard for someone dwelling in the unparalleled paradise to felling absolute bottom however later on it was as help in camouflage. The person would not have heard or acquired a plan to make his life bigger, if the blunder wasn’t made in firsthand.Poverty shows an individual numerous fundamental exercises of life.

At the point when a man gets feeble his companions and relative who seemed, by all accounts, to be very close to him renders him. So whoever will energize him and put stock in him in his awful days, they’ll be his mate in valid character. This way the individual gets a chance to comprehend who his genuine companions are.

Association of mask with the neediness

Albeit help in mask isn’t constantly associated with neediness, it might be anything. Like you failed to catch your plane lastly discovered that the flight met an accident.

These people weren’t brought into the world with silver spoon or accomplish achievement in a solitary day; they encountered a lot of disasters and hardship before getting a triumph. It’s a kind of sweet setback that prompts positive results.

Presently you ought to be thinking about by what method would mishaps be able to be positive? In addition inspiration can be found according to this spectator if an individual has been certain in whatever he’ll end up making his life heaven. Cautious assessment of any condition will make you locate the concealed gift.

This is the reason our ancestors reliably approached us to look for the positive side of what instead of to revile any condition or event. Have religion take some hardship or advancement of your own life for a test and feel that something better will originate from it.

The vast majority of us feel alone at times as we battle to hold fast to the Master. In any case, truly we have untold amounts of profound supporters that are constantly arranged to help us cheer us . They are the ladies and men whom the Congregation perceives as holy people. What’s more, a long way from turning out to be remote sacrosanct card sums, they’re individuals we could get the chance to comprehend!


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